We can not get over how adorable Paisley is! She is the best thing to happen to us(dog wise:) You made our buying experience so enjoyable and it was my absolute pleasure to buy from you guys. The shipping and home delivery was great and i enjoyed their services.

Amanda, New York

Shina has just been great and adorable, she fits in perfectly in our home and holds her own with the other dogs, she is definitely a bully . She is a sweetheart and we are so blessed. Thank you again so much. I will definitely keep sending updated pics!

Tim, Ohio

We have finally settled in after our move to New York, and I thought I’d send you an update. She is a very happy and healthy gorgeous girl! She fitted perfectly into our family from day one and she and our lab mix, Lola, are inseparable. Our kind regards to you guys.

Catherine, Atlanta

She is always snuggled against someone, and has never met a rug, blanket or pet bed that she didn’t enjoy taking a nap on. It was a perfect birthday gift/surprise for my wife. Thank you so much for Beatrice! She makes our family whole!

Peter, Newark

This is Sally, me and my husband are the ones who adopted Charlie. We just wanted to update you on his well being. I took him for his vet check the vet said everything good and he’s perfectly healthy.

Sally, Albuquerque

Sammy is a “very healthy puppy”. He was also very popular. All the people and staff wanted to cuddle him! Dr Coffman said “this is the highlight of my day” when he walked in the checkup room. We are very grateful as he bonds easily for our cat.

Ken, New Jersey

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